Built in 1870, Thornewood graces the land in tranquil splendor. Rich in historical detail, the victorian style farm house has the original fieldstone foundation, poplar floors and birds eye maple trim. The veranda, complete with gingerbread and double stairways, wraps around the front of the house giving it old world charm.

Our farm has been in the family for decades. After my grandfather purchased the farm in 1957, the wear and tear by tenant farmers over the years took its toll and the house was doomed to be destroyed. But in 1970 my parents purchased it from my grandfather and "the house in the country" became our restoration project. My husband and I eventually moved there in 1980, adding on as we raised our family of 3 boys and a menagerie of animals.

Thornewood is a 57 acre farm with many views. A big white barn, built in 1890, has the original hand hewn beams and stables several horses. It is the site of our annual fall barn party and is perfect for rehearsals and weddings in case of rain. The house and barn is surrounded by 35 acres of pastures lined with black board fencing.The "Wedding Field", edged with trees and wildflowers, a beautiful wooded pasture featuring majestic old trees and 22 acres of woods make this scenic property a beautiful setting for weddings, movie and video shoots, as well as a photographer's haven.